How to install plugins by command line?

I’m pretty sure while you’re working with JMeter, you must use at least one plugin. So, what are the JMeter plugins? In addition to the official features of JMeter, there are some good features called plugins. For example:

You can find all list of plugins here:

In this post, I will show you how to install plugins in JMeter 3.0.

From version 2.13 and earlier, it’s a little bit hard to install the plugin, that you must find the need plugin, then download all lib (.jar) file, and copy-paste into the right place. But now, they have a big update, all in one file plugins-manager.jar. Just download this file, and put it into lib/ext directory, then restart JMeter.

Please do the following steps:

Step1: Download plugins-manager.jar. Go to this page to check out the latest version.

Step2: Copy file plugins-manager.jar and put it into /${JMETER_HOME}/lib/ext

Where JMETER_HOME is the main folder of JMeter. Refer image below

Copy file plugins-manager.jar and put it into /${JMETER_HOME}/lib/ext

Step 3: Close all opening JMeter, and restart, I mean reopen.

Step 4: Check if the Plugins Manager was installed successfully.

Installed Plugins Manager successfully

Then click to open Plugins Manager pop-up:


Step 5: Please select the tab “Available Plugins” (1) and select what plugin you want to install (2), then click the button [Apply Changes and Restart JMeter] at bottom right corner (3).


After click Apply Changes and Restart JMeter button, the install progress will be run


Step 6: Wait for the JMeter restart, and check the result now. For example, in step 5 above, I installed Dummy Sampler, and now I will check if it was installed successfully.

Now it displayed Dummy Sampler in Installed Plugins tab

And check in the list of Sampler:

Now we can add the plugin Dummy Sampler

Let try and do it by yourself.


How to remove/uninstall plugins?

Very easy, just do 3 simple steps below:

Step 1: Open Plugins Manager pop-up

Step 2: Uncheck the plugins which you want to remove/uninstall, and click button [Apply Changes and Restart JMeter]


Step 3: Wait for JMeter restart, and check, you’ll see the plugins was be removed.