JMeter functions are special values that can populate fields of any Sampler or another element in a test tree. A function call looks like this:


Where “__functionName” matches the name of a function.
Parentheses surround the parameters sent to the function, for example, ${__time(YMD)} The actual parameters vary from function to function. Functions that require no parameters can leave off the parentheses, for example, ${__threadNum}.

The best way to use JMeter function proficiency and correctly is using the Functional Helper dialog, check that post to see the detail.

Below is the list of functions (include plugin functions), click on the function name to view the detail how to use that function.

NOTE: if the function name has no hyperlink, it means the detailed post for that function is still not available, don’t worry, I will write all of them and post here as soon as possible. Or what function do you want to know first, please leave a comment below, I will create the post for that first.

Type of function Name Comment Since
Info threadNum get thread number 1.X
Info threadGroupName get thread group name 4.0
Info samplerName get the sampler name (label) 2.5
iterationNum Returns the number of current iteration in the thread group. Plugin 1.2.1
Info machineIP get the local machine IP address 2.6
Info machineName get the local machine name 1.X
Info time return current time in various formats 2.2
Info timeShift return a date in various formats with the specified amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days added 3.3
Info log log (or display) a message (and return the value) 2.2
Info logn log (or display) a message (empty return value) 2.2
Input StringFromFile read a line from a file 1.9
Input FileToString read an entire file 2.4
Input CSVRead read from CSV delimited file 1.9
Input XPath Use an XPath expression to read from a file 2.0.3
Formatting dateTimeConvert Convert a date or time from source to target format 4.0
Calculation digest Generate a digest (SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5…) 4.0
Calculation counter generate an incrementing number 1.X
Calculation intSum add int numbers 1.8.1
Calculation longSum add long numbers 2.3.2
doubleSum Compute the sum of two or more floating point values. Plugin 0.4.2
Calculation Random generate a random number 1.9
Calculation RandomDate generate random date within a specific date range 3.3
Calculation RandomFromMultipleVars extracts an element from the values of a set of variables separated by | 3.1
Calculation RandomString generate a random string 2.6
chooseRandom Choose single random value from the list of its arguments Plugin 1.0.1
Calculation(Plugin) if This function provides
(a == b) ? a : b syntax.
Plugin 1.3.0
Calculation UUID generate a random type 4 UUID 2.9
Scripting groovy run a Groovy script 3.1
Scripting BeanShell run a BeanShell script 1.X
Scripting javaScript process JavaScript (Nashorn) 1.9
Scripting jexl2 evaluate a Commons Jexl2 expression jexl2(2.1.1)
Scripting jexl3 evaluate a Commons Jexl3 expression jexl3 (3.0)
Properties isPropDefined Test if a property exists 4.0
Properties property read a property 2.0
Properties P read a property (shorthand method) 2.0
Properties setProperty set a JMeter property 2.1
Variables split Split a string into variables 2.0.2
Variables isVarDefined Test if a variable exists 4.0
Variables V evaluate a variable name 2.3RC3
Variables eval evaluate a variable expression 2.3.1
Variables evalVar evaluate an expression stored in a variable 2.3.1
env get a value of environment variable Plugin 1.2.0
isDefined Determine if variable was already defined Plugin 0.4.2
String regexFunction parse previous response using a regular expression 1.X
String escapeOroRegexpChars quote meta chars used by ORO regular expression 2.9
String char generate Unicode char values from a list of numbers 2.3.3
String changeCase Change case following different modes 4.0
String unescape Process strings containing Java escapes (e.g. \n & \t) 2.3.3
String unescapeHtml Decode HTML-encoded strings 2.3.3
String escapeHtml Encode strings using HTML encoding 2.3.3
String escapeXml Encode strings using XMl encoding 3.2
String urldecode Decode a application/x-www-form-urlencoded string 2.10
String urlencode Encode a string to a application/x-www-form-urlencoded string 2.10
String TestPlanName Return name of current test plan 2.6
strLen Compute the length of constant string or variable value. Plugin 0.4.2
substring This function is wrapper for Java String.substring method Plugin 0.4.2
strReplace This function is wrapper for Java String.replace method. Plugin 1.4.0
strReplaceRegex This function is wrapper for Java String.replaceAll method. Plugin 1.4.0
MD5 Calculate MD5 hash of constant string or variable value Plugin 0.4.2
base64Encode Encode a constant string or variable value using Base64 algorithm. Plugin 1.2.0
base64Decode Decode a constant string or variable value from Base64 into string. Plugin 1.2.0
uppercase Transform the case of the constant string or variable value to uppercase. Plugin 0.4.2
lowercase Transform the case of the constant string or variable value to lowercase. Plugin 0.4.2