In this article, I’ll show you how to use shortcuts/icons in JMeter to increase productivity while creating Test Plan. We have 2 separated section, one for existing shortcuts and one for new shortcuts (available from JMeter 3.0)

1. Shortcuts/Icons:

These shortcuts below work well from JMeter 3.0 on OS Window (if you’re using version 2.13, some of them might not work).

For Mac, just change the Ctrl key by Command (⌘) key

Icon Hot Keys Menu Path Description
document-new-4 Create new Test Plan
applications-office Alt + F + T File > Templates Open Templates popup
document-open-2 Ctrl + O File > Open Open and import .jmx file
document-close-4 Ctrl + L File > Close Close current Test Plan
document-save-5 Ctrl + S File > Save Save Test Plan
document-save-as-5 Ctrl + Shift + S File > Save Selection As.. Save only the current component
edit-undo-7 Edit > Undo Undo
edit-redo-7 Edit > Redo Redo
edit-cut-4 Ctrl + X Edit > Cut Cut the component
edit-copy-4 Ctrl + C Edit > Copy Copy the component
edit-paste-4 Ctrl + V Edit > Paste Paste the component
Ctrl + Shift + C Menu > Duplicate Duplicate the component
list-add-3 Ctrl + Shift + Minus Options > Collapse All Expand all components
list-remove-3 Ctrl + Minus Options > Expand All Collapse all components
color-picker-toggle Ctrl + T Edit > Toggle Enable/Disable component
arrow-right-3 Ctrl + R Run > Start Start the test
arrow-right-3-notimer Run > Start no pause Start the test with no pause
road-sign-us-stop Ctrl + Period Run > Stop Stop immediate – threads are killed
process-stop-7 Ctrl + Comma Run > Shutdown Shutdown means stop  gradually – threads exit at next opportunity, ie: when current samplers have finished
arrow-right-3-startremoteall Ctrl + Shift + R Run > Remote Start All Remote Start All
road-sign-us-stop-stopremoteall Alt + A Run > Remote Stop All Remote Stop All
process-stop-7-shutdownremoteall Alt + Z Run > Remote Shutdown All Remote Shutdown All
run-build-clean Ctrl + Shift + E Run > Clear Clear current result
run-build-prune Ctrl + E Run > Clear All Clear all results
edit-find-7 Ctrl + F Search > Search Search text in all Test elements properties
edit-clear-3 Search > Reset Search Clear all search results
documentation Ctrl + Shift + F1 Options > Function Helper Dialog Open Function Helper Dialog
help-contents-5 Ctrl + H Help > Help Show the help for current component
pictogram-din-w000-general Options > Log Viewer Show Low Viewer panel
Windows: Delete
Fn + Delete
Edit > Remove Delete the component
Ctrl + Shift + D Help > Enable Debug Enable Debug
Ctrl + D Help > Disable Debug Disable Debug

2. New shortcuts (from JMeter 3.0):

From JMeter 3.0 we have new hotkeys to add JMeter components (most used elements), will add elements when you press Ctrl+0 .. Ctrl+9 (Command+0 .. Command+9 on Mac).

By default


These shortcuts is configurable through gui.quick_XXX properties in file (under /JMETER_HOME/bin/ folder):


You can change them by yourself, just change the position and put the class name of components/element which you are familiar, for example:


But how can we know the exactly class name of the other components? Don’t worry, I prepared list of amost JMeter components with the class name, you can refer it for your edit.

(Note: Unfortunately, we cannot add the component/elements from plugins, like jp@gc - Dummy Sample , or jp@gc - JSON Path Extractor or anything else from plugins)

Components Elements ClassName
 Thread Groups  Thread Group ThreadGroupGui
setUp Thread Group SetupThreadGroupGui
tearDown Thread Group PostThreadGroupGui
 Controllers Critical Section Controller CriticalSectionControllerGui
ForEach Controller ForeachControlPanel
If Controller IfControllerPanel
Include Controller IncludeControllerGui
Interleave Controller InterleaveControlGui
Loop Controller LoopControlPanel
Module Controller ModuleControllerGui
Once Only Controller OnceOnlyControllerGui
Random Controller RandomControlGui
Recording Controller RecordingController
Runtime Controller RunTimeGui
Switch Controller SwitchControllerGui
Simple Controller SimpleConfigGui
Throughput Controller ThroughputControllerGui
Transaction Controller TransactionControllerGui
While Controller WhileControllerGui
 Config Elements CSV Data Set Config CSVDataSet
FTP Request Defaults FtpConfigGui
DNS Cache Manager DNSCachePanel
HTTP Authorization Manager AuthPanel
HTTP Cache Manager CacheManagerGui
HTTP Cookie Manager CookiePanel
HTTP Request Defaults HttpDefaultsGui
HTTP Header Manager HeaderPanel
Java Request Defaults JavaConfigGui
JDBC Connection Configuration JDBCDataSource
Keystore Configuration KeystoreConfig
Login Config Element LoginConfigGui
LDAP Request Defaults LdapConfigGui
LDAP Extended Request Defaults LdapExtConfigGui
TCP Sampler Config TCPConfigGui
User Defined Variables ArgumentsPanel
Random Variable RandomVariableConfig
Counter CounterConfigGui
Simple Config Element SimpleConfigGui
 Timers Constant Timer ConstantTimerGui
Gaussian Random Timer GaussianRandomTimerGui
Uniform Random Timer UniformRandomTimerGui
Constant Throughput Timer ConstantThroughputTimer
Synchronizing Timer SyncTimer
BeanShell Timer BeanShellTimer
BSF Timer BSFTimer
JSR223 Timer JSR223Timer
Poisson Random Timer PoissonRandomTimerGui
PreProcessor HTML Link Parser AnchorModifierGui
HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier URLRewritingModifierGui
User Parameters UserParametersGui
BeanShell PreProcessor BeanShellPreProcessor
BSF PreProcessor BSFPreProcessor
JSR223 PreProcessor JSR223PreProcessor
JDBC PreProcessor JDBCPreProcessor
RegEx User Parameters RegExUserParametersGui
Sample Timeout SampleTimeoutGui
 Samplers FTP Request FtpTestSamplerGui
Debug Sampler DebugSampler
HTTP Request HttpTestSampleGui
JDBC Request JDBCSampler
Java Request JavaTestSamplerGui
SOAP/XML-RPC Request SoapSamplerGui
LDAP Request LdapTestSamplerGui
LDAP Extended Request LdapExtTestSamplerGui
Access Log Sampler AccessLogSampler
BeanShell Sampler BeanShellSamplerGui
BSF Sampler BSFSampler
JSR223 Sampler JSR223Sampler
TCP Sampler TCPSamplerGui
JMS Publisher JMSPublisherGui
JMS Subscriber JMSSubscriberGui
JMS Point-to-Point JMSSamplerGui
JUnit Request JUnitTestSamplerGui
Mail Reader Sampler MailReaderSamplerGui
Test Action TestActionGui
SMTP Sampler SmtpSamplerGui
OS Process Sampler SystemSamplerGui
AJP/1.3 Sampler AjpSamplerGui
 Postprocessor Regular Expression Extractor RegexExtractorGui
Debug PostProcessor DebugPostProcessor
CSS/JQuery Extractor HtmlExtractorGui
XPath Extractor XPathExtractorGui
Result Status Action Handler ResultActionGui
BeanShell PostProcessor BeanShellPostProcessor
BSF PostProcessor BSFPostProcessor
JSR223 PostProcessor JSR223PostProcessor
JDBC PostProcessor JDBCPostProcessor
JSON Path PostProcessor JSONPostProcessorGui
 Assertion Response Assertion AssertionGui
Duration Assertion DurationAssertionGui
Size Assertion SizeAssertionGui
XML Assertion XMLAssertionGui
BeanShell Assertion BeanShellAssertionGui
MD5Hex Assertion MD5HexAssertionGUI
HTML Assertion HTMLAssertionGui
XPath Assertion XPathAssertionGui
XML Schema Assertion XMLSchemaAssertionGUI
BSF Assertion BSFAssertion
JSR223 Assertion JSR223Assertion
Compare Assertion CompareAssertion
SMIME Assertion SMIMEAssertionGui
 Listener Graph Results GraphVisualizer
Assertion Results AssertionVisualizer
View Results Tree ViewResultsFullVisualizer
Aggregate Report StatVisualizer
View Results in Table TableVisualizer
Simple Data Writer SimpleDataWriter
Monitor Results MonitorHealthVisualizer
Aggregate Graph StatGraphVisualizer
Response Time Graph RespTimeGraphVisualizer
Mailer Visualizer MailerVisualizer
BeanShell Listener BeanShellListener
Summary Report SummaryReport
Save Responses to a file ResultSaverGui
BSF Listener BSFListener
JSR223 Listener JSR223Listener
Generate Summary Results SummariserGui
Comparison Assertion Visualizer ComparisonVisualizer
Backend Listener BackendListenerGui